Leszek Tarkowski

Traineer, Programmer, Scientist


I am a programmer with strong scientific background, currently working with Rigaku company on X-ray diffraction software. I run trainings in C, C++ and Python at various levels of advancement. I have a PhD in Materials Sciences. During my 11-years research career, I have developed software for data processing and visualization. As a trainer I have worked with Nokia, Intel, Autodesk, Ericpol, Tieto, Interia.pl, among others. I was also co-organizing Software Carpentry workshops in Poland.



Very good knowledge of C++ 11/14 and Python. Good knowledge of C and Qt library. Basic proficiency in Pascal and Fortran.


Knowledge about teaching, and lots of practice in that field. Documentation preparation using Latex, Sphinx, Markdown, etc.


Good knowledge of x-ray diffraction techniques, especially texture and stress/strain measurement.


  • C++
  • C
  • Python
  • Git
  • Sphinx
  • Markdown/RST
  • Qt/PyQt
  • Linux
  • Windows

Work experience


since 2015

Helping in creation of software for one of the biggest X-ray instrumentation manufacturer - Rigaku

Cztery Bity

since 2013

Founded small company, Cztery Bity, focused on the delivery of C++/C/Qt/Python software and trainings.


2006 – 2012

Conducted trainings on Python, Qt, C, C++ programming, mostly for big software companies and corporations (Nokia, Intel).

Noble Prog

2006 – 2010

Tutor in Noble Prog, conducted trainings on Linux administration and Linux security.

Scientific experience

Researcher in field of X-ray diffraction, with emphasis on crystallographic texture and residual stress analysis. Experience in using and maintaining X-ray laboratory diffractometers, basic sample preparation. Created software for preparation of experiments and data treatment. Working with synchrotron radiation at DESY/HASYLAB PETRA III HEMS beamline and SAXS beamline in Elettra Laboratory.

Institute of Metallurgy and Materials Science

Polish Academy of Sciences, Kraków

Assistant Professor

2001 – 2013

Assistant Professor since 2008, Research Assistant and Researcher in Accredited Testing Laboratories, Laboratory of X-Ray Diffraction



2010 – 2012

Participating in X-ray stress measurement using PETRA III high-energy beam at HASYLAB, Hamburg, Germany.

SAXS Beamline, Elettra session


Participation in experimental sessions at SAXS Beamline in Elettra Laboratory, Trieste, Italy.

X-ray Si-strip detector

2003 – 2005

Application of experimental X-ray Si-strip detector (developed at AGH) in IMIM PAN X-ray Laboratory

Stay at University of Vienna

2002 – 2006

Various x-ray diffraction experiments at University of Vienna, Austria.

Pole figure optimization

2001 – 2004

Development and implementation of optimization of X-Ray pole figure measurement


Institute of Metallurgy and Materials Science, Polish Academy of Sciences, Kraków

PhD in Materials Science

Thesis: Crystallographic texture topography using X-ray diffraction, Supervisor: Prof Jan Bonarski

AGH University of Science and Technology, Faculty of Physics and Nuclear Techniques

M.Sc., Solid State Physics

Thesis: Optimisation of X-ray pole figures measurement, Supervisor: Prof Krzysztof Wierzbanowski

Research Projects

Research project 3 T08C 064 26 – Topography of crystallographic texture using X-ray diffraction technique, Project Leader: Prof. Jan Bonarski, the project was completed 2007 as doctoral thesis.
Research and development project N R15 0448 04/2008 – Prototype mobile apparatus for monitoring the progress of degradation of train wheels, Project Leader: Prof. Jan Bonarski, Responsible for detectors and software part.
The research project PBZ-MniSW-3/3/2006 – Multiscale, quantitative characterization of the microstructure of high-tech materials Implementation period: 18.07.2007 – 17.06.2010. Contractor – stress and texture measurements.
Research and development project N N507 509539 – Three-dimensional imaging of residual stress fields in materials with a layered or gradient structure. Leader.
Research Project Nr. POIG.01.03.01-14-013/08 – KomCerMet - Composites and ceramic-metal nanocomposites for aerospace and automotive industries. Contractor – stress and texture measurements


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Leszek Tarkowski — leszek@tarkowski.org — +48 781 775 774